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Monday, January 16, 2006

cats and cats and cats

It's all very well and good salivating over US/Canadian bands but the chances of them appearing in the UK and Europe for you to see can be quite slim. Sometimes us Pommies/Limeys/Wankers need home-grown talent to make challenging yet rewarding music. One such band, called cats and cats and cats, appear to be holding up the fort on this side of the pond. I am ashamed that I heard the name ages ago and thought it was a fantastic band name but thought they would be shit, but alas I was wrong, they are wonderful.

They share the same vision as Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies of making experimental schizophrenic post-hardcore. However, where said band can appear to just throw ideas together and sometimes not pull them off convincingly, cats... can just idea hop all the while without sounding contrived. One such example is "Happiness for Lola"; which begins as a spaz-math-rock-indie workout and then moves into lilting post-rock enviable of Explosions in the Sky. The guitars sound so pure on every song, both clean and when they come crashing in. The UK has a real problem with bad guitar production so to hear some warm tones emanating from their axes is a breath of fresh air.

They are from the South of England and I can't find out much more apart from the fact that they are on tour across England in February. They have recorded a CD called Victorialand which can be picked up at one of their gigs or ordered via their Myspace.


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