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Monday, December 26, 2005

mordy - of'fruits

No, that's not a stray apostrophe in the title.

Mordy are part of the collective centred around Post_Post Records in Poland; as such, information for the non-Polish speaker is hard to come by. Little known outside their native country, the group are attempting to shake off the dour, poor image of Eastern Europe under Communist rule by experimenting with traditional Polish forms along with Western influences.

Mordy would fit into that incredibly broad category referred to by the lay music listener as "post-rock". In essence, they probably owe more to the "post-jazz" of bands like Do Say Make Think than the sound of traditional post-rock (Mogwai, Mono, et. al.) Drums are light and brushed, jabbing with off-beat snares dotting the landscape. The opener, Morskie Opowiesci, floats along on a gorgeous four-note guitar riff and broken jazz drumming. Brief sax interludes and high-fret basswork punctuate the early parts of the song, gradually becoming more and more complex. Drifting keyboards appear and disappear; the whole thing gives a wonderful feeling of movement, as if on a train.

Mordy - somewhere in Poland, maybe

The impossible-to-pronounce Deszcz that follows features sinister guitar parts with a distinct Eastern twinge, and whispered vocals that eventually become chromatic screams as the song dissolves into guitar noise and insane bass work.

Other tracks explore the slightly lounge edge of Mordy - Z Mozgu takes rimshots and smooth guitar and somehow makes something incredibly compelling out of them despite the lounge overtones. Zmora showcases their ability to write twisted pop in the same way as Electrelane; fuzzed-up bass and simplistic guitar patterns. Samurajski is probably the closest they get to traditional post-rock, with its swirling guitars and dischordant jazz sax that eventually compel the band to step on the distortion pedals and pound the crap out of their instruments. Good stuff.

A very interesting and unique record from a country you wouldn't normally think of as a bastion of musical experimentation. I shall be keeping a very close eye on these guys and their rather excellent label from now on.


"Morskie Opowiesci" from the album "Of'Fruits", released on post_post (2003)
"Zmora" from the album "Of'Fruits"
(Plenty of tracks available here, though it's in Polish. Break out Google Translate and check it out.)


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