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Saturday, November 19, 2005

the newfound interest in connecticut

Welcome back. After a long hiatus, I'm going to try and get this thing rolling again.

First up for your delectation today is the rather superb The Newfound Interest In Connecticut. Though tastefully advertised on their label's web site as "standard emo rock" (oh, they must have hated that) these guys lie way closer to the Appleseed Cast post-emo (can I coin that?) side than the MCR/JEW/SDRE side. Delayed, heavily distorted guitars abound, and even some hardcore-esque drumming and elastic basslines, while the vocalist makes a very passable attempt to imitate the sing/scream style of bands like Fall Of Troy, or anything on Level Plane.

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Their full-length is pretty schizophrenic - the opening track "The Computers Stopped Exchanging Information" (you know you're onto a winner with titles like that) brings to mind Dilute's "Alphabet"; all shifting, interlinked guitars wound round a tight core of melody, gradually building to a rather tasteful climax. The follow-up, "And Started Sharing Stories" kicks off with what sounds like a less spazzy Stop It!!! intro, its driving bassline plunging into some big emo chord workouts while the vocalist demonstrates what years of being in screamo bands does to your voice. By the opening of the third track, you're totally confused; three minutes of melancholic trumpets and single guitar chords, and is that a choir I hear in the background?

The whole album works as one long extended song, effectively; the previous guitar attack opening a whole new section, the leadout feedback forming the melodic base for the next movement. I'm not going to lie and say these guys are truly breaking new ground, but their footsteps are falling with bands like the 'Cast and this can be no bad thing. Just stick it on, sit back, and try not to air guitar.

Footnote: Sadly, NICT have now broken up/gone on hiatus, having played their last show in March. I'm sure the guys will pop up in some other band, so I'm keeping my eye on them.

Head on over to purevolume to hear "His Steps Could Be Heard, Sah Sah Sah" and another track.