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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Okay, another pretentious as fuck post from me. I'll leave the MSPaint to the master.

Montreal. You know it. Whether you dig THAT band or not, you can't deny the city has become a veritable creative hotbed in the last couple of years. I mean, c'mon, Arts & Crafts!

Despite the success of many indie bands from the city, there's a burgeoning electronic scene that's not known much outside of Canada. Mitchell Akiyama, a classically trained musician who began dabbling in avant-garde electronic music more than five years ago, moved to the city and set up Intr_version Records to release his own work and those of 'd├ęsormais', a collaboration between Akiyama and Joshua Treble.

After impressing Akiyama at the Mutex festival in the city in 2002, Vitaminsforyou (aka Bryce Kushnier) was signed to the new label. His full-length, "I'm Sorry Forever And For Always" was released in 2003 to general critical acclaim. His MySpace profile proclaims his influences to be DNTEL, Mice Parade, Christian Fennesz and many, many more, and you can clearly hear these influences within his work. He takes a very detailed approach to production, very similar to DNTEL's almost ambient, widescreen canvases. He mixes in clicking, burbling beats, occasional live drums and guitar work, and his own heavily processed vocal to create an album of slowly evolving songs with a deeply melancholic feel to them.

pills, pills, pills, pills

More recently, Intr_version released "Desole Monsieur Soleil C'est La Neige Qui Va Me Liberer", a stopgap collection of four tracks. Featured are a truly amazing performance of "It's Only Snow, It's Only Sunshine" by the Wawa International Brass And Wind Orchestra (yes, brass and wind instruments recreating an entirely electronic track - check it out below), a Venetian Snares remix of "Annie & Nicky", a Blunderspublik remix of "It's Only Snow..", and a cover of a song by Montreal's most hyped band, "No Cars Go" (that's The Arcade Fire, for the hard of thinking).

If you are in any way a fan of this new breed of IDM artist that combines meshes clever songwriting and intricate and delicate production, you need to hear this. If you like DNTEL/The Postal Service, you need to hear this. If you don't like any of these things, then you still need to hear this.

Check out Vitaminsforyou's blog here.

It's Only Snow, It's Only Sunshine (with the Wawa International Brass and Wind Orchestra) (2.48Mb) [from "Desole Monsieur Soleil C'est La Neige Qui Va Me Liberer" on Intr_version]
Annie & Nicky (4.03Mb) [from "I'm Sorry Forever And For Always"]
Churchill (4.95Mb) [from "I'm Sorry Forever And For Always"]


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