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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tiny Hawks!

After reading some guy's Audioscrobbler chart in my musical neighbours (like you do) and seeing Tiny Hawks really high up in the list, I wondered what the hell they were like. The name suggested twee indie pop, maybe some indie folk rock stuff - I was not prepared for a two-man guitar/drums hardcore assault that falls somewhere between a super-sped-up ..Trail Of Dead and the noise-attack of Hella/Lightning Bolt. Screamed, almost indeciperable vocals, hugely overdriven guitars that fill most of the frequency space, riffs that stop/start/thrash wildly about like fish on land make up this incredibly addictive record; it's so short (at under 15 minutes) you can't just listen to it once. There's so many great moments; the thundering breakdown of "The Things You Belong To And Those That Belong To You" conjures up Level Plane heros Gospel, the disjointed, stabbing guitars of "Are You The King Of Olives?" bring to mind Ghosts & Vodka if Victor Villareal had spent his early years as a hardcore guitarist.

Tiny Hawks are Gus and Art (no idea about surnames) from Olneyville, RI, and have been playing together for about two years. Check out an interview with them here. They've just released their debut 12" (called "Fingers Become Bridges") onto CD, out on Corleone Records, while the LP was released on Mogonono Records. I absolutely recommend ordering yourself one, as it's limited to 1000 copies.

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The Things You Belong To And Those That Belong To You (2.87Mb) [from "Fingers Become Bridges on Corleone]
Whenzy (2.04Mb) [from "Fingers Become Bridges"]


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