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Monday, July 25, 2005

Sexually Frustrated White-Boy Geography (Sefruwhibog)

Lesson #1: Baltimore, Maryland, USA (that’s the United States of Americanisms kids)

According to reliable sources, Baltimore is the “Greatest City in America” [1] and in this city there is stuff to do if you like doing stuff, or maybe even things. This city resides on the east coast of the USA near the capital city of Washington DC, as can be seen on our beautiful map:

As well as being a place to do stuff and things, it is also home to the wonderful Monitor Records label [2] which houses many an agitated math-rock soul. If the spirit of math-rock lies in Chicago (home of Touch and Go, save that for another lesson you scamps) then, for me, the testicles of math-rock reside in Baltimore. Monitor Records house the delightful Battles and Bellini who have connections with Don Caballero (well before Damon Che left Bellini, silly boy).
Within their ranks they also have the noisy schizophrenic energetic little ragamuffins, The Oxes, who must be witnessed live but their Oxes EP and Oxxes LP are available, erm, around. The terrific “Half, Half, & Half” is down below and is a marvellous guitar and drum workout with tasty hi-hat trickery, discordant guitars and the occasional badger mating call. What more could you want? Also amongst the ranks of these luminaries are the up-starts Big Bear who make a hardcore tinged mathy noise (cf the originally titled “Track 1”).
However, Monitor do have a diversity of acts in their roster with the more conventional, yet pretty, indieness of Cass McCombs and the instrumental odd pseudo-tweeness of More Dogs if you like that sort of thing you weirdo. Monitor are essentially so indie it hurts sometimes but they do have some gems. The focus in this lesson has been on this one record label, but with competition in Baltimore being the “Hit-Dat Records” label amongst others, I think my concentration is well deserved.
Class dismissed.


Bellini – Conflict Between the Fire and the Wet Wood (3.44MB) [from "Snowing Sun"]
Oxes – Half, Half, &Half (3.04MB) [from "Oxxes LP"]
Big Bear – Track 1 (5.01MB)
Cass McCombs – Sacred Heart (5.65MB) [from "PREfection"]


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