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Friday, July 22, 2005


I've been listening to a lot of math/postrock records recently, and enjoying the jazzier edge much more than that straight-laced, quiet-loud edge.

I recently stumbled across Gaston in the hunt for more stuff in this vein. Like the excellent Ganger, the band often use two basses to create a really unique sound - just listen to Hanjin and try and figure out at what points you're hearing bass and where you're hearing guitars. The drumming is superb as well; i'm reminded of Mice Parade's Mokoondi with its jazzy, complex feel.

The release I've got hold of is their debut on Beau Rivage called "What Time Does Your Train Leave Today?". You can pick up it from direct from their website. The record just flows together beautifully into this one big extended melodic workout.

Hanjin (4.51Mb) [from "What Time Does Your Train Leave Today?" on Beau Rivage]
Bobeck (3.62Mb) [from "#1", a 10" on Becalmed Records]
Cargo (4.27Mb) [from "#1"]


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