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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Boris is a Japanese power trio that play music which people refer to as "stoner" or "drone" mixed with a pinch of "pychedelia" or "krautrock". But as always, the real truth is Boris, like all bands, can be placed quite happily in the genre of "schwererfelsen", as the French call it. The real truth of the matter is, Boris are HEAVY; not like "omfg, this bag is heavy" or "omg I can play KoRN songs" heavy, but Godzilla rampage heavy. An eloquent analogy and one that pushed me towards my next piece inspired by both 2002's heavy rocks and 2003's akuma no uta:

"I fell in love with every girl in a band I ever saw. Don't question it ya JERK!"
Medium: pastels, human excrement, hair follicles Canvas: 40" x 60" skinned rabbits

Comments: Well, there's a lot of things to discuss here. Boris are a band with a multitude of facets and talents and exactly like Boris, so have I. If you look closely, we can pick up the intensely immense epic saga-like appearance of the canvas (notice the difference in vertical and horizontal size which express disproportion of proportional space). Taking a step back we see that one of the members of Boris is apparently attacking the city of musictown; with closer inspection we realise that Boris is in fact shaping the world with subquanteous underterranian outerexternum beats of sound so deep and low in wavelength (that's bass, kids) they can only be brought to life by the visual representation of "laser eyes". Note the 'posers' unable to take a direct hit from the bass beam emanating from the retinas of the member of the band known as Boris.

I realize the use of text is somewhat out of place considering this is meant to be a visual-only piece but as I fear nothing about "trends" or "the man" and his own "rules about art" I've mixed the mediums of literacy and artigism meticulously.

As a final note, Boris are freaking awesome. It's pretty hard to get a hold of their stuff, but then again there is a reason you're scene kids.

Boris - Ibitsu (2.00mb) [from "Akuma no uta"]


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Oh, dude. You absolutely anticipated how I talk about heavy stuff.

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